Resources I Recommend Regularly

Created with DALL-E 2. “an elephant next to resources (wool, ore, brick, gold), line drawing.” Close enough, DALL-E.

This list is probably not exhaustive, but a good start.

Navigating being an IC to being a Manager

It’s challenging. Know this is normal. 

Do you have mentors who are not your boss? If not, get several. 

The Manager’s Path by Camille Fournier

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith

“Want to Code as an Engineering Manager? Time to Find a Unicorn”

Honing your leadership style

Keep a leadership rubric for yourself. What do good bosses or leaders do that you want to emulate? What have bad bosses or leaders done that you should avoid? 

“From Engineer to Leader: Finding Your Path” talk by Jack Humphrey

Google’s research on management

The Intangibles of Leadership by Richard A. Davis


The Coaching Habit

We Need to Talk 

Take an improv course. 

Giving Feedback

Radical Candor 

Manager Tools podcast series 

Having Effective One-on-Ones

“Questions for a First One-on-One” by Lara Hogan

The Coaching Habit

Manager Tools podcast series 

Building a Healthy Team Culture

“Building a psychologically safe workplace” Ted Talk

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Radical Candor


Manager Tools podcast series 

Having Tough Conversations

Crucial Conversations

Non-Violent Communication 

The Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense at Work

“On Managing Conflict at Work” blog post

HBR’s Guide to Dealing with Conflict

Never Split the Difference 

Motivating People


“Need help motivating your team? Try the Motivation Matrix”

Read up on “Strengths-based coaching” – First, Break All the Rules and Strengthsfinder 2.0 

Setting career goals

Some of the exercises laid out in What Color is Your Parachute

Designing Your Life, but especially Designing Your Work Life

Managing your own existential crises 

See a therapist. See if your company has an Employee Assistance Program. 

Prioritize self-care. Exercise, eating well, sleeping, doing non-work hobbies. 

Managing new managers / coaches-in-training

Share this doc. 

Do they have a mentor who is not you? If not, ensure they have one or two

Have dedicated “training montage” sessions once a week to discuss each of the skills here

Encourage them to start meeting regularly with their Human Resources partner.

Managing is a craft. Treat this as an apprenticeship. Have them shadow you. Walk through your decision-making thought processes, tactics, and strategy. Be vulnerable about challenging situations you’ve been in (as appropriate). 

Managing up and across

“Let’s Get Real About Managing Up” by Kellan Elliott-McCrea

HBR Guide to Managing Up and Across


“Hiring Data Scientists” blog post by Trey Causey

The No Asshole Rule

The Ideal Team Player

Time Management, aka Plate Spinning 

HBR’s On Managing Yourself

Getting Things Done

Work Clean


“Writing Effectively in software engineering organizations” blog post

Bird by Bird 


HBR’s Persuasive Presentations 

Toastmasters courses 

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