Publications & Presentations


“Why is it so dang hard to make friends?” (Nerd Nite Austin, 14 August 2019)

“The Job Search UI Lab: Multivariate Experimentation and Holistic UX Design” (Recruit Holdings Engine Forum, 8 July 2019, with Katie Hicks)*

“Fishing a Manager to Teach: How Teaching Brings about Organizational Change” (Presentation on Tech Leadership and Management at Indeed, 1 March 2018)

Academic Publications

“How Accurate Are Self-Reports of Voluntary Association Memberships?” (Sociological Methods & Research, October 2018, with Pam Paxton) 

“Does the standard voluntary association question capture informal associations?” (2016, Social Science Research, with Pam Paxton)

“All the Lonely People?: How Living and Working Alone Shapes Our Social Lives” (2016, Dissertation)

“Meeting Up: Friendship and Voluntary Organizations in the Internet Age” (2013, Master’s Thesis)

Interviews / Panels

“Establishing experimentation as a core part of your project workflow” (Lead Developer, September 2020)

Strengthening Your Network(Breaking the Glass Panel, October 2017)

“Expert View: Do Self-Service Analytics Tools Mean the End of BI As We Know It?” (Innovation Enterprise, February 2017)

“How Approaches BI” (Interview, Women Who Code, September 2016)

*OK, so I can’t link to this because you’d need to sign an NDA, but I promise it happened. Here’s Katie and I meeting Minegishi-san. It was dope.

Recruit also had each of the presenters submit poses to be used to market the event. Katie and I look like we are going to steal someone’s lunch money (but A/B test it first). Also, dope.*

*The poster, not the stealing lunch money thing. That’s not something I do.