Publications & Presentations


“How I learned to stop worrying and love a mixed methods approach to recommendation systems” (RecSys 2022. Seattle, WA. Keynote for special workshop on Recommendation Systems in HR. 22 September, 2022)

“Why is it so dang hard to make friends?” (Nerd Nite Austin, 14 August 2019)

“The Job Search UI Lab: Multivariate Experimentation and Holistic UX Design” (Recruit Holdings Engine Forum, 8 July 2019, with Katie Hicks)

“Fishing a Manager to Teach: How Teaching Brings about Organizational Change” (Presentation on Tech Leadership and Management at Indeed, 1 March 2018)

Academic Publications

“How Accurate Are Self-Reports of Voluntary Association Memberships?” (Sociological Methods & Research, October 2018, with Pam Paxton) 

“Does the standard voluntary association question capture informal associations?” (2016, Social Science Research, with Pam Paxton)

“All the Lonely People?: How Living and Working Alone Shapes Our Social Lives” (2016, Dissertation)

“Meeting Up: Friendship and Voluntary Organizations in the Internet Age” (2013, Master’s Thesis)

Interviews / Panels

“The future of recommendation systems in Human Resources” (RecSys 2022. Seattle, WA. Special workshop on Recommendation Systems in HR. 22 September, 2022)

“Establishing experimentation as a core part of your project workflow” (Lead Developer, September 2020)

Strengthening Your Network(Breaking the Glass Panel, October 2017)

“Expert View: Do Self-Service Analytics Tools Mean the End of BI As We Know It?” (Innovation Enterprise, February 2017)

“How Approaches BI” (Interview, Women Who Code, September 2016)